Mz Ultimate Cleaner

Mz Ultimate Cleaner 2.0

Give your hard drive a thorough clean


  • Cleans up unnecessary files
  • Can speed up hard drive


  • Not many advanced tweaks and features
  • Doesn't help with spyware problems

Not bad

If you've been experiencing unexpected slow downs or crashes on your computer then it could simply be a case of giving it a good clean.

Mz Ultimate Cleaner searches and destroys temporary or useless files that programs and internet surfing may have left behind on your system. You can choose which particular elements to target (such as cookies, internet history and temporary files) or otherwise Mz Ultimate Cleaner will clean everything at once. However, it's useful to be able to select which files to remove because you may want to keep cookies for example to save you typing in passwords or remember some personal data for certain sites.

Scanning is extremely quick and afterward, you're asked whether you really want to delete all the files Mz Ultimate Cleaner. Alternatively, you can choose to send the items to the Trash, in which case some of them will be recoverable in case you deleted something essential.

Mz Ultimate Cleaner is fast, efficient and cleans up just about any trace left behind by any program although it won't get rid of any malware or spyware that's been left behind.

Mz Ultimate Cleaner


Mz Ultimate Cleaner 2.0

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